Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Lest we forget (another one)

As it was.


As it is now.


Now OK, it's only because the new one defaults to "newest comments first". Perhaps there was no intention to hide some comments below the fold. You decide.


Jeffrey Bell said...

Don't get your point. Having quickly scanned both versions, the second makes him look just as bad as the first. And it's no better written. He also left the comments up so it's not like he's trying to rewrite history. I don't think the lad's done owt wrong basically.

StringersBeer said...

The comments on the new version default to "newest first". It's just a little thing, but you'll miss most of the fun that way. Only real saddoes (like me) read past the first page of comments.

StringersBeer said...

OK, I'm probably being unfair. Body of post amended.

Yvan Seth said...

Almost certainly incidental.

That new comment format is fucking atrociously bass ackwards though.