Saturday, December 29, 2012

Cask Vs Keg. Summary of findings.

In other news, I've invented "Kask", or possibly "Ceg". It involves a keg, a handpump and an optional cask breather / aspirator.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Oh! Xmas tree!

Not Brewers of Europe HQ
Went to Belgium t'other day for the "Celebration of Beers from NW England" thingy at the Brewers of Europe house in Brussels. One of the best free Eurocrat piss-ups of the festive season, I'm told. Chap from a family brewer stood up and made an impassioned plea for tax-breaks to reward him for watering his beer down.

What are they like?
Meanwhile, out in the city, the light-hearted hunt for the weakest beer bottomed out at 5.2% abv. Granted, we weren't trying that hard (so don't tell me about all the sensible beers missed), but heck.
We had to deliver our own beer to the reception after a transport hiccup. This involved much running around with heavy wheely cases. But it did mean that we had empty cases for the bringing back of beer, glasses and chocolate.