Monday, November 26, 2012

Yay! Us!

Still childishly pleased to walk off with armful of certificates. Even CAMRA ones. (I kid. Am Chuffed)
Becky also v.pleased to get her hands on CBEN Gold! That's for environmental stuff.
We have a SIBA (North) bronze in here somewhere as well, but we're in such a mess, what with the "on-going facilities upgrade", that I can't find it.
P.S. "Furness Abbey" (that's the one that got the gold RAIB there, i.e. some people who drink a lot of beer, and might therefore be expected to know something about the subject, thought it was the best bottle conditioned beer in Cumbria, for what that's worth, while beating our own second-placed "Mutiny") is named for the ruined Cistercian monastery nearby us. The beer is not intended to be a copy of, or even, particularly, in the style of, a Belgian Dubbel. Look on it as a beer from an alternate reality. It's the beer that might have been brewed if things had gone differently. So it'll be like those belgo beers, at the same time it'll be like a British strong bitter. But mainly, it's from our imagination. Y'dig cats?
P.P.S. We're off to Brussels shortly, as it happens, which should be nice.