Friday, February 04, 2011

Pump Clip Design Brief

In order to to support our key revolutionary aims of distinctiveness, economy and generally not being shite, the following design guidelines are hereby adopted:

  1. No Gold
  2. No Mountains
  3. No Lakes
  4. or Sheep
  5. No Jolly Cartoon Fun
  6. No Scrolls
  7. No fancy die-cutting
  8. Thou shalt not "go for a kind of Distressed Look"
  9. No lasses exposing chestal areas.
  10. No more than 2 typefaces

A bonfire of counter-revolutionary clips is to be organised on the pump clip parade.


Velky Al said...

you should have a word with Rob at Opta Design in that case!

Séan Billings said...

Fine. We'll just stick to the dodgy puns and innuendo in the name then.