Thursday, October 14, 2010

Life should be full of strangeness Like a rich painting Mark E. Smith had it.
And I don't think he meant that it would be jolly to season our lives with a bit of bought-in strangeness. This is not the time for "pub jukebox" list game. In which I amaze and astound by shrewd choice of polycarb and vinyl. If it was, we endgame with "Fish Chart" - in which are reviewed works of Pike and Tuna Turbot first noted (but not preserved?) at Probe. Other claimants - You Lie Like Rugs.
"You don't have to be weird to be wired
You don't have to be an American brand
Mr M. E. Smith - totally wired
This is serious, in that we need to go the whole hog including postage. For maximum yuks.
A tip if you like, "LEAVE THE CAPITOL".
But what do I know? I'm more like
"commune crap, camp bop, middle-class, flip-flop
Guess that's why they end up in bands
Mr M. E. Smith - english scheme

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