Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Letter to Evening Mail

It's a shame that you chose to illustrate the piece on " drink can ruin the way you look" (EM 6 Oct) with a picture of a delicious looking pint of beer.
While no-one, least of all a brewer, should be complacent about problems caused by excessive drinking, study after study has pointed to health benefits associated with moderate consumption.

The piece goes on to consider the calorific content of various drinks, suggesting that the calories in alcohol have no nutritional value. While this may be true as far as it goes (and the same claim could be made for sugar), it ignores any positive contribution to our diet made by our chosen tipples; Beer, for instance,can be rich in anti-oxidants, trace elements such as silicon, as well as soluble fibre.

But above all, beer is a delicious drink of moderation, especially when consumed in the relaxed yet controlled surroundings of the pub - which is where you'll typically find the pint shown alongside the original piece. Your readers are lucky enough to be well served by a number of excellent local real ale breweries and many responsible publicans, who work hard to provide a healthful beverage in a safe setting.

Jon Kyme
Stringers Beer - Ulverston


Cooking Lager said...

Pongy ale can ruin your looks. Beards, sandals & bad jumpers. Better stay safe. Stick to the lout, trendy jeans & a nice shirt.

StringersBeer said...

Too true mate, many's the evening I've flopped along in my sandals, swaddled in my chunky jumper, stroking my beard while casting envious glances at the blood, piss and vomit stained loutists in their sweatshop threads.