Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Normal service resumed.

Well, pretty much. We did some Best Bitter tuesday, and today we're doing the West Coast Blond. "Oooh", you might say, "Push the envelope why don't you". It's beer we need - to sell - the stock is looking a bit depleted. We had our "production meeting" and have pencilled in something (well 3 things) more experimental for the rest of the month, about which more later.

Jeff Pickthall came to see us today, so Becky had to prove she can brew while I chatted. Very relaxing it was, and of course (in spite of her tiny hangover), everything went fine. While talking, I was reminded of visiting herself when she was working in Belgium. Now that's a place where it's just about impossible to get truly bad beer. Apart from all the super-lovely beers that everyone goes on about, even their cooking lager makes our cooking lager look stupid. The Stella is actually quite nice and Jupiter Jupiler (which seemed to me what most Belgians actually drank most of) takes Carling outside, beats it up and steals its girlfriend.

P.S. I'm adding this (7.9.09) to admit that I haven't been to mainland Europe (except to change planes) since 1995 - so I don't really know what I'm talking about anymore (if I ever did).


Woolpack Dave said...

Your West Coast Blond sells well. I think it's bland and watery, but then I think that about a lot of popular beer. Most of the volume of beer I sell here is bland and watery, it's what people want.

I do hope you sell me some of your new brews - let me know what they are.

I hope you looked after Mr Pickthall.

StringersBeer said...

Honesty appreciated, if rather brusque there Dave.

As you know, we're not very long at this game. If you have a look at our current range - you might spot that we're trying to work our way through the main styles that a one would hope that a British brewer should be able to nail.
We've got some more to do - we're clearly missing an IPA and there should be an attempt at a modern porter.

Myself, I'm very keen on session beers (and session drinking, for that matter). Now, herself and I used to be (slightly) involved in 'music' and while one of the great truths is "Louder is Better", there's a lot that can be done in a quiet way. Just so, there's a lot to be said for producing a well-balanced, restrained beer that doesn't compromise on quality, but which can be drunk in pints without overwhelming. We're not talking about a beer that is meant to be shared one bottle amongst the party.

Not to blow my own trumpet - I could go into work right now and bang out a big beer, perhaps not the best - but guaranteed not to be bland and watery. It's harder, and in many ways just as satisfying, to feel confident that I can produce something that a publican can sell in buckets to a room full of drinkers.

I don't know about "looking after" Mr Pickthall, but I gave him some of our very bland/lightest beer and talked at him for ages. I hope it was useful for him.