Tuesday, September 15, 2009

A Modern Porter...

... is what we're brewing today.

There's an awful lot of guff stuff written about porters. The point's been made (elsewhere, at length), that they're historically interesting - blah... blah... the first truly industrial British beer. Early porters were great, later ones - mass produced bastardisations of the lovely brown beers that pre-dated them. Blah. But we're not a historical reconstruction society (there are family members who were in Ye Sealed Knot so we've a real feel for the hideous awfulness of that phrase), hence we'll be making a modern porter called (confusingly perhaps) "Revival Porter".

There's a lot of really good beers out there called "porter", it's a very broad church nowadays. Good.

Ours should be: On the brown side of black, about 4.7%, slightly sweet with a fruity chocolate aroma, moderate bitterness and a dryish finish. Or something. Anyway, it's in the fermenter now, and I've chucked in some yeast.

Good news: The new pumps for the cooler arrived! We got two, so now there's a spare. Of course, something else will go next.

1 comment:

Woolpack Dave said...

Something always goes wrong. Try running a pub even more stuff goes wrong.

Anyway, your dark beers always seem to be good, I'm sure tbis one will be too.