Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Truth in Advertising.

Lest we forget...

 BrewDog is a post Punk apocalyptic mother fu*ker of a craft brewery. Say goodbye to the corporate beer whores crazy for power and world domination. Swear allegiance to the uncompromising revolution. Taste the hops, live the dream. Learn to speak beer, love fruit and never forget you come from a long line of truth seekers, movers and warriors - the outlaw elite. Ride toward anarchy and caramel craziness. Let the sharp bitter finish rip you straight to the tits. Save up for a Luger, and drill the bastards.

"It wasn't removed because of them [the ASA], we just happened to be switching up the website content."

And, as someone else wrote:
"its great people have got that much time on their hands to report companies over insignificant things like language on a website"

Crikey, who would do such a thing?

A later clarification:

"because we needed to make room to talk about our Equity for Punks offer"
Ah, gotcha.

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