Thursday, February 02, 2012

Why certainly, if that's what you want.

Saw this recently:
And here are the images referred to:

Well, one is a cartoon character from a fictional work, who refers to herself as "Not bad, just drawn that way" Her appearance is a key plot component. And the other is a not-very-good drawing of a woman wearing a bunny costume, serving drinks, which has been stuck on some point of sale for a beer for no particular reason (over and above being somewhat eye-catching).

We've got no general problem with pictures of lasses on pump clips. Here are some we use:

You tell me the difference.


Cooking Lager said...

I can spot a number of differences.

Firstly, your pump clips don’t appear to have offended anyone.

That’s either because no one’s noticed them or they don’t objectify women, portray them as bunny girls and refer to them as totty.

I’m not offended by such things, but I can see why a female customer would be. Some might be bolshie enough to complain as you’d expect a feminist MP; other women might just roll their eyes, and refuse to touch it. Either way laddish joke has backfired because the bar is no longer a male preserve.

It might be good publicity for the brewery, it might not be.

Ever thought of creating some controversy yourself for free publicity? Brewdog like to rile the CAMRA lot, sexism is old hat. Why not try a little mild racism with something about special needs children thrown in? heh, all publicity is good publicity and when the marketing pot is small, you have to be imaginative to stretch it.

StringersBeer said...

Thank you for your suggestion re our public relations needs. We appreciate the obvious effort you've put into your proposal, but regret that we're unable to proceed further with it at this time.

Ed said...

Brewdog have done sexism too:

StringersBeer said...

Of course they have. And they had that little guy being small.

Cooking Lager said...

Tell ya whats not been done, homophobia.

We get a pump clip with Johm Inman or Larry Grayson on, 'cos the're dead and can't complain. A speech bubble saying "shut that door" or "I'm free" just to explain the poor drawing.

Then we call the beer "faggots" or some such nasty, offensive and insulting term. But one we can excuse with another meaning. Like "the beer celebrates the northern dish of offal meat balls with gravy and peas, more often referred to as faggots"

Then your beer gets in the Daily Mail !