Sunday, April 03, 2011

I'm A Living Sickness (and other songs)

As The Calico Wall had it (you can hear it).

Well, actually, I've just got a bit of a cold or something that's "gone to my chest" as they say. But I'm a man (that's another song) hence feeble, and have succumbed, so we're undermanned thus we missed a brewday and Becky is in washing casks on Mothers Day - poor her.

Apart from that tho', what's it got to do with beer? Well, I always notice how much my taste changes with any kind of "respiratory" upset. As you'd expect, I'm less sensitive to aroma (but not, subjectively, to all aromas). At the same time, I seem to become more sensitive to bitterness.

Let's remember that there's a range of tastes out there, and not only that, an individual's taste can change from day to day. Which is why brewers should have taste panels of course.

Me, I'm turning away from beer in favour of "Codine", for the time being. Or indeed, anything with "Max Strength" on the box.


Ed said...

When I last had a cold I found hoppy beers were a waste of time, stouts were OK but beers with Belgian yeasts worked best.

StringersBeer said...

Thanks for the tip Ed. I'll ask the nurse to get some.

Helen said...

Mother's Day isn't until May 8th here in the US. You could assuage your guilt by doing something nice for the nurse then instead.