Monday, November 01, 2010

Public Harm

The past 50 years have seen the worst epidemic of public harm from a legal drug since the introduction of cheap gin in the 1700s. Although alcohol intake has doubled in this period , alcohol related harms have increased many times more on account of the culture of heavy and, particularly, binge drinking that has developed. There are a number of reasons for this epidemic. The major ones have been the last government’s policies of reducing the real price of alcohol and increasing drinking hours , plus the massive increase in the marketing of alcohol in supermarkets, often as a loss-leader . There has also been a marked growth in strong lagers and ciders of up to 8% alcohol content that appear designed to facilitate rapid intoxication rather than to satisfy palates.
David Nutt

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Cooking Lager said...

The real problem are all these small scale craft brewers with left wing green environmental hippy agendas trying to outdo each other flogging ever stronger pong. Often served out of dead rats. These trendy craft brewers should accept their position as industry influencers and behave far more responsibly by sticking to making pongy vinegar the kids don’t want to drink and people only get used to by the time they are 50.

Oh and less of rubbish video's and more Lady GaGa, please.

StringersBeer said...

See, man, the thing with hippies is that they were right. But if you're thinking that BrewDog (bless them) are "small scale craft brewers with left wing green environmental hippy agendas" you're way nuttier than I am.

And Lady Gaga - well, I've always been a big fan of super-gay euro-disco, but it's been done before, and better.