Monday, December 28, 2009

Pub Closures and Hitch-hikers

You don't see so many of them around nowadays do you? Standing there, waiting, their cruddy signs cornering the eye, scruffy yet appealing. Pubs, that is. Some people blame the smoking ban, but we all know that's not all there is to it. How would that explain the missing hitch-hiker? Health & Safety? It's all connected. Everything is. Even if we pretend that we're not. Even though we were told there's no such thing as society. Individuals and families driving and (separately) drinking. We know that we miss it. Even if we won't face up to what it is.


Curmudgeon said...

Of course there are other factors at work, but the smoking ban is by a long way the Number One reason why we have so many closed and boarded pubs nowadays.

And why won't you allow anonymous comments?

StringersBeer said...

Number One reason? How can you tell?
I've done a new post with nice graph

Anonymous comments? Why? Who'd be so impolite as to comment anonymously?