Saturday, February 04, 2012

Siba Craft Beer in Keg Comp 2012

Transcribed by your humble servant:

Bitters, Pale & Golden Ales
Gold Ilkley MJ Pale 3.7
Silver Naylor's Bullet 4.3
Bronze Marstons Banks's Bitter 3.8

Premium Bitters, Pale & Golden Ales
Gold Thornbridge Chiron 5.0
Silver Magic Rock High Wire 5.5
Bronze Inveralmond Lia Fail 4.7

Strong Bitters and IPAs
Gold Thornbridge Jaipur 5.9
Silver Allendale APA 5.5
Bronze Coniston Infinity IPA 6.0

Dark Ales, Stouts and Porters
Gold Hepworth & Co. Conqueror Sussex Stout 4.5
Silver Bradfield Farmers Stout 4.5
Bronze Magic Rock Dark Arts 6.0

Pale and Golden Lagers
Gold Freedom Freedom Four 4.0
Silver Brewsters Helles 4.0
Bronze Oakwell Acorn Lager 3.8

Premium Pale and Golden Lagers
Gold Williams Bros. Ceilidh 90 Lager 4.7
Silver Hawkshead Lakeland Lager 5.0
Bronze Oakwell Oakwell Lager 5.0

Speciality Beers
Gold Freedom Organic Dark Lager 4.7
Silver Thornbridge Versa 5.0
Bronze Hardknott Queboid 8.0

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Hardknott Ann said...

Thank you for posting the results for the Siba keg competition. It is nice to see who won Awards. I'm sorry you did not win anything and worse than that weren't even able to drink your own beer. There seems to be a bias towards weaker beers looking at the results.