Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Sticks and Stones

I've been called  two kinds of fascist of late.  Beer Fascist (altho' that blog's had an outbreak of revisionism, and it's now referred to as "Beer Dogma") for something I said here.  And "Word Fascist".

For the record, I'm neither.  And I really don't like being called any such thing.  For a start it's terribly ill-mannered, it's also an appalling misuse of a word that thinking people would reserve for, well, actual Fascists.  It seems that  there's a surprisingly common conception among these beer bloggers that daring to disagree with them is something only a fascist would do.

[update, that'll be sticks, of course.  I'm wearing the wrong glasses]

Since Alan McLeod has chosen to delete my comment, I emailed him, and bless him, he replied.

As one beer fan to another, and while I appreciate that your post is not about word fascism, as a matter of common courtesy,  I'd be grateful I'f you'd either remove the allegation that I'm any kind of fascist, or allow me to reply.
Jon K
Alan McLeod beerblog@gmail.com

to Jon
You are rather pushy today, Jon. Courtesy is not a word I would associate with your comments and, frankly, I really don't care all that much given your goings on. I will do two things, however, I will make it a footnote and change it to fascism. But I am not interested in more of the telling others what to write or think so if you would not engage further I would appreciate it.

True to his word, he's removed the offensive characterisation to a footnote.  Hardly satisfying, but I'm not sure I expected anything more.

I'm really not sure what Alan means by "goings on" Has anyone any idea? It sounds very sinister doesn't it? What's this "telling others what to write or think" thing?  When did I do that?